About Crabbi Patti’s

Bruce & Patti’s Story

Bruce & Patti are on a mission to bring the beauty of aquatic life into every home and office!

From the young age of 6, Bruce has always had a love and fascination for animals and Aquatic life. He started with a bowl of guppies, just like most of you did I am sure. It was clear to others that Bruce had a special talent in aquatic care and his hobby soon became his profession. He has always said that he loves what he does and when you love doing something that you are good at, well it just doesn't seem like work.

His love of Aquatics life in combination with his skills in aquatic design and aquarium maintenance has produced some of the most beautiful aquatic displays.

We began working in the aquarium business over nine years ago. After moving to Florida, we have decided to help the public enjoy their love of the hobby, He has since gone in business for himself operating under the name of Crabbi Patti’s Aquarium Shop. We have the right team and all the right equipment and knowledge to meet all your aquatic needs.

Crabbi Patti’s is committed to providing complete marine and freshwater aquarium solutions to allow enthusiasts like you to focus on the beauty of your investment rather than worry about water chemistry or compatibility issues. Our unique solutions make your dreams for an office or home aquarium come true. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always here to answer all your questions to help you better understand the fascinating and beautiful world of aquarium life.

We stay on top of the latest trends in aquarium equipment technology and aquarium supplies, including chemical additives, filtration equipment, supplements, aeration pumps, reactors, protein skimmers, heaters and chillers as well as fish and coral food from the leading manufacturers. Thanks for visiting our website and please let us know how we can improve your online shopping experience. For prompt answer to your questions, use this site's contact form or call us at (740) 438-0674.

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