We’re on a Mission to Bring the Beauty of Aquatic Life into Every Home and Office.

Crabbi Patti’s is committed to providing complete marine and freshwater aquarium solutions to allow enthusiasts like you to focus on the beauty of your investment rather than worry about water chemistry or compatibility issues.

The Crabbi Patti's Story

Soon after moving to Florida from the Midwest, Bruce and Patti recognized a need for aquarium enthusiasts looking for more than the big box stores could offer and opened the doors to Crabbi Patti’s Aquarium Shop.

From the young age of 6, Bruce has always had a love and fascination for animals and Aquatic life. Like many aquarium enthusiasts, he started with a simple bowl of guppies. Soon after, it was clear he had a real knack for aquatic set-up and care. And what began as a hobby ultimately became a profession, a profession he still loves to this day.

Come on down to the shop and say hi! You’ll quickly understand how our expertise in aquatic life, and our dedication to staying on top of the latest trends in aquarium design and technologies will help make your dreams of having an incredible home or office aquascape a reality.