The Crabbi Patti's Arrive Alive Guarantee

When you order from Crabbi Patti's, our expert staff hand-pick and carefully screen all aquarium livestock for size, exceptional color, quality and health. Our shipping methods are designed to best ensure livestock are secure and comfortable during transit. However, there is some stress on the livestock in the packing, shipping and new tank acclimation process.

If your live stock does not arrive alive for any reason, our Arrive Alive Guarantee goes into effect and we are happy to issue a shop credit in the amount you paid* for the DOA.

What Should I Do If My Livestock Arrives DOA?

Please note that once you have released the livestock into your tank, the Arrive Alive Guarantee is voided, so please keep any DOA livestock in the original bag. When possible, contact our shop at 704.438.0674 within two (2) hours of receipt of the DOA livestock and one of our representatives will give you further instruction.

DID YOU KNOW? pH levels in the bag water can be depressed during shipping which can sometimes result in livestock appearing inactive or even deceased. In most cases, livestock will recover once properly introduced and acclimated into the new tank.

PRO TIP! When you receive any shipped aquatic livestock, we strongly encourage you to quarantine the new livestock for a minimum of 15 days when possible. Anytime you introduce new livestock in a main or quarantine tank, we do NOT recommend you dump the bag water with the livestock as this can alter your water chemistry.

* Any applicable shipping and/or box charges are not-refundable and not eligible as part of your credit.