Crabbi Patti’s Maintenance Services Give You All of the Beauty & None of the Work

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have been maintaining your own tank for years, Crabbi Patti’s is ready to do the dirty work.

Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of a professionally maintained aquarium. Let us do the water changes, wipe the algae, maintain your filtration equipment, and keep your water quality in top form. When we maintain your aquarium under contract, your service charges remain fixed for a year and any fish we place are 100% guaranteed for 90 days!

Crabbi Patti’s offers you worry-free enjoyment with our professional aquarium maintenance services. With over 15 years of experience.

Go Annual and Lock in prices for the year
Priority scheduling
Two service visits per month
90-day full replacement livestock guarantee
Must have signed agreement and credit card information on file

Annual Contract


Up To 100 Gallons
Annual Contract


100-200 Gallons
Single Visit


Up To 100 Gallons
Single Visit


100-200 Gallons

Aquariums over 200 gallons priced on a tank-by-tank basis.

On-Site Consultation

Don’t need ongoing maintenance services? We are also available for on-site consultation to help you understand your aquarium and how to optimize tank conditions ensuring the best ongoing environment for your livestock. This is perfect for hobbyists like you looking to set up a new tank, establish a quarantine environment for new livestock, getting more control over existing eco-systems, analyzing livestock health and diagnosing problems, and more. To schedule an on-site consultation today, call 740-438-0674. On-Site Consultation pricing starts at $45/hr.

Our Maintenance Guarantee*

If you are dissatisfied with your new pet for ANY reason (or if it should die) within 90 days of purchase, Crabbi Patti’s will replace that pet at no additional cost.

* Valid as long as Crabbi Patti’s maintains the aquarium, stocks the livestock on a cleaning visit, and when supplementation & feeding are performed as directed by the maintenance technician. All livestock and aquarium products must be purchased from Crabbi Patti’s. ANY deviation from these terms voids this guarantee.